It’s been a bit…..

So I noticed I haven’t posted in like four months so thought I would get on and ramble a little. Things in life are going pretty good in general. Covid seems to be sticking around longer than most thought, masks are still a thing, but it has got a little easier to handle having it […]

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Rough Patch

It has been a bit since I last made a post. I had to get a job again and things have just been crazy busy. December was probably one of the hardest months I have had in a long time, physically and emotionally. Any time things would look up, something smashed it back to reality. […]

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Trying something new….

So for the past couple years I have been on antidepressants, which were prescribed to me prior to my diagnosis. After doing some research, I realized that for people with autism, antidepressants can be counterproductive. After finding that out, I talked to my doctor to see about decreasing the dose slowly and eventually getting off […]

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Blast to the Past

About ten years before getting diagnosed, I started working at a job that is very opposite of sensory friendly. Of course I was unaware at the time of the reason why the job was a bit harder on me mentally than others. The amount of noise, daily activities, people, you name it and it was […]

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It’s been a bit

It has been a bit since I actually sat down and wrote a blog. I have been keeping busy around the house with projects, they never seem to end. Insomnia continues to make its comeback throughout the week. But I have learned a few things as well. I’ve noticed several different things from following different […]

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Making friends as an adult seems nearly impossible. The older we get the less friends you realize you have in life. You grow up with so many friends in school and it gives you a feeling that you will always have those friends. But as we age, people change, lives change and people move in […]

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So I never really connected the two, but I have been seeing a lot of aspies talking about insomnia and if it’s something related to Aspergers or autism. I never thought to look into it but the more I see others question it, I wonder myself. I associated my insomnia or lack of sleep once […]

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Covid Masks Continued…

So after doing some research, the Americans with Disability Acts (ADA) issued a warning that these are indeed FAKE and they do not indorse these, even with how official they have made the card. It also appears that each state mandates policy on wearing masks and can in fact ask someone, even with a disability, […]

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Covid Masks

I am just curious if anyone else on the spectrum has difficulties wearing the masks “required” by the government and places of business? I don’t like them on my face, never have and never will. I feel trapped inside of the mask and find it difficult to breath. Being able to feel my warm breath […]

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Masking is something that all aspies seem to be great at and have mastered. We have lived our life doing it and it becomes normal to us. We found our way to fit in with any situation or group of people and they would never guess it was all fake to fit in. I came […]

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