So I never really connected the two, but I have been seeing a lot of aspies talking about insomnia and if it’s something related to Aspergers or autism. I never thought to look into it but the more I see others question it, I wonder myself.

I associated my insomnia or lack of sleep once or twice a week to the fact that I would nap in the afternoon. Maybe I slept too much for the nap or the nap was too late in the day. I typically have one or two nights a week that I can’t sleep. I lay down and relax and start to feel tired, but no dice for falling asleep. I put my eye cover on, get nice and comfy and think its a matter of time and I’ll be knocked out. Next thing I know it’s been an hour and I am still awake, not tired enough to fall asleep anymore and nothing to do. So I find something to watch on tv in hopes that I will get tired again. But it just doesn’t happen and now I know I’m gonna be exhausted the next day. Which then I am irritable and short fused because my brain didn’t shut down to refresh.

At first I felt like something was wrong and if I told anyone they would think I was doing drugs or something. Just the way my brain thinks people are going to associate no sleep even tho I don’t do drugs. I usually lay in bed and just watch tv as long as I can and then around 5am I move to the living room to have coffee and maybe blog. My wife always asks why I don’t wake her up but I can’t see keeping her awake to sit there with me when she has to work in the morning. These are the days that I try to avoid a nap in the afternoon as well so by the time the night rolls in, I can crash and finally get some sleep. Usually it’s only a day at a time when it happens but I have had it a few times where for two nights in a row I can’t sleep. My brain starts to feel like soup and I can’t focus to save my life.

So I guess what I am asking as well to anyone that reads this and follows that may be on the spectrum is, does anyone else experience the same thing with being unable to sleep a couple nights a week? If so, do you have any home remedies to help or does it just happen with no luck to overcome?
I have tried taking melatonin at different milligrams and it doesn’t help. My body doesn’t get affected by caffeine, so it doesn’t matter what I drink before bed, I am either going to sleep or not. I am not one that likes to go to the doctor and be prescribed a bunch of pills, I don’t even really take ibuprofen for headaches, so prescribed sleep meds isn’t an option for me.

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