Covid Masks

I am just curious if anyone else on the spectrum has difficulties wearing the masks “required” by the government and places of business?

I don’t like them on my face, never have and never will. I feel trapped inside of the mask and find it difficult to breath. Being able to feel my warm breath exhaled every time makes me panic a little more each time and I can’t handle the feeling of the part that wraps around the back of my ears.

I went to get my glasses fixed yesterday, first pair I’ve ever broken, and gluing them back together bothered me cause there was no getting them straight. When I got to the eye doctor, I walked in and one employee had a mask on and one didn’t. The one without a mask looked at me and said I needed a mask to be in the store. It was kind of contradicting coming from someone without a mask but I told her I have autism and I can’t wear the mask. She asked what I needed and told me she would take care of it but I had to go outside and wait because I didn’t have a mask. I felt a little awkward standing outside like a puppy in a window, but at the same time it pissed me off a little. I have a legitimate disability that I can’t handle wearing the mask and she didn’t even care, just told me to wait outside.

I seen this little card being passed around an autism group I follow and I am wondering if it is real. It’s a Face Mask Exempt Card, stating that under the ADA, I don’t have to disclose my disability but I am exempt from wearing a mask. It also says denying a person from a business, the ADA can fine them and they get reported to Freedom To Breath Agency….I’ve never heard of the agency but I seen that some people have shown the card and had no problem and then others posted that cities were saying it’s a scam and don’t accept it. I’m going to look into it more but if it holds true, I suggest anyone with a disability that can’t wear the mask, find it and print a copy for yourself.
After I look into it and see if it’s true or not, I will update my blog. I am also going to see if there is anything else from the ADA that supports people with disabilities not having to wear a mask if they can’t.

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