Covid Masks Continued…

So after doing some research, the Americans with Disability Acts (ADA) issued a warning that these are indeed FAKE and they do not indorse these, even with how official they have made the card. It also appears that each state mandates policy on wearing masks and can in fact ask someone, even with a disability, to not be in their place of business. So basically it seems that they are willing to deal with consequences of forcing people to wear a mask and it does not violate our rights…. I’m still a bit confused on the whole thing because to me it still seems like discrimination. I could see if it was someone just outright refusing to wear a mask or pretending to have a disability so they get away with it but for legitimate disabled people, it seems unjust. Now I get that I don’t need to go to certain places so if it’s not a necessity and you are asked to leave, so be it, but places such as an eye doctor or medical facility, they can just turn you away? What if I needed an eye exam, would they have refused and there’s nothing I could do about it? With everything that is going on in the United States, and world for that matter, this is just another thing we have to put up with?
The way I see it, the best example I have seen is people comparing Covid masks to pants and under-ware keeping a fart smell concealed. Two articles of cloth do not prevent the smell of a fart from escaping your backside but a mask made of cloth with prevent the Covid flu? And when you go out into public, more than half of the people wearing “masks” aren’t even wearing them right. They have their nose sticking out, a bandana that is wide open from underneath to see their mouth, taking them down to talk or look at things, the list goes on. But because they have some form of a “mask” they are okay and allowed to be anywhere they want. Masks have just become a new fashion statement or accessory for people and they could care less if they are worn properly. Employees of businesses don’t even wear them properly and they are mandated to wear them for the public’s safety. They can turn you away but at the same time wear their mask half-ass and it’s okay, because they have one to begin with. Having such a wide range of acceptable “masks” lets people get away with even ones crocheted, which is full of holes and doesn’t prevent your breath from coming out or breathing in any oxygen from surrounding individuals. It is simply a fashion statement that to me discriminates towards people that can’t handle having a mask on due to underlying circumstances.

Below are a couple things I found regarding masks, one from the ADA, stating it’s false, and one from my state (Colorado) with the state guidelines.

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