Masking is something that all aspies seem to be great at and have mastered. We have lived our life doing it and it becomes normal to us. We found our way to fit in with any situation or group of people and they would never guess it was all fake to fit in.

I came to a realization today that we aspies aren’t the only ones masking and we shouldn’t feel like it’s a problem only we go through. If you look at society as a whole, everyone masks. No one is truly themselves around anyone. If you want friends, you accommodate to liking the same things, doing similar activities, going places you never would have. All to have a friendship with someone or a group because we are too afraid to be alone. Being a loner is unacceptable by standards created by “popular” people and you get made fun of, so we mask and make it work.

So many people in this world aren’t themselves. People have lost their own identity by choice to not be alone. Aspies have to do it to fit in with a overwhelming society of “normal” people because we get looked at like we are from another planet. But those same people don’t even know who they are because they conformed to a fake life just like us. The only difference is we have to work harder because we have underlying issues that prevent us from ever feeling fully comfortable in certain situations.

I posted before about not knowing who I am or how to even be myself. Masking is easier and less stress for aspies and everyone else for that matter. It’s an unfortunate reality that no one can just be themself anymore. We are so afraid of what will come by being our true self that it’s not worth the risk. We have dug ourself into such a deep hole that there is no coming back from it. So what do we do? Do we just continue to live a life masking and lying to everyone? Do we start a new trend and unmask and take it as it comes? I don’t know if there even is an answer to that because it would have to be all or nothing and not everyone would take that risk. Or we would continue to hide and say what you see is the real me.

Masking is what makes everyone happy and creates a sense of joy knowing everyone fits in somewhere. We feel alone in silence at home because we don’t know how to act or function when others aren’t there. We can’t let our guard down, unmask and get comfortable because it’s unfamiliar and what if we get caught? I’ve known for just over a year of my disability and it has raised so many questions but answered so many as well. One thing I can’t answer still is how to be myself and enjoy it. So maybe the easy way of staying masked is the best option because at least you know how to be happy right?

You can’t unmask and expect to feel better if the people surrounding you won’t do the same. Just as us aspies, they fear failure by being themselves is scary and unforgiving. With everything going on in today’s world, one of the most simple acts will never happen and it’s something that could change society for the better. Maybe someday before we are all gone, we will see a time of people just being themselves and not caring about what others think. A time where the sheeple stand aside and we are free from the mask.
Who knows what will come with time, all I know is one person at a time can change how we all are and hopefully someday I can be apart of that and find it easy and fun to be the real me.

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